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JFS Consulting is now Sohodojo Business Services!

Please visit us at www.Sohodojo.BIZ

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The Age of Unreason
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JFS Consulting was the name we fell into using in the 1980s while in graduate school where we met and began our business services adventure. By combining Jim's technical skills and Timlynn's training and Japanese language/culture background, we were well-positioned in southern California to provide technical writing, and what would become known as desktop publishing skills, to the Japanese electronics firms bringing waves of new products into the U.S. at that time. When asked by our first client for our business name, we simply went with the name Jim used as an independent consultant prior to graduate school.

Get the Who, What, Where, When, and How about us at our new home, www.Sohodojo.BIZ

Our name and domain URL change is not simply cosmetic. We're narrowing our business services focus and aligning it with our interests and activities at Sohodojo.COM, the applied R&D lab we founded in 1998.

You'll find our personal bios along with our current business service initiatives at www.Sohodojo.BIZ

Where We Came From and Where We're Going

Since 1984 under the name, JFS Consulting, we have been providing business services to a range of clients, helping them tap into the power of digital, Internet and Network Economy technologies as each new wave of technical innovation emerges. High tech stints in object technology and corporate business process environments kept us at the forefront as technology rapidly evolved. By the late '90s, we recognized a powerful fit emerging between our graduate studies in social network theory and the leading edge of the technical revolution.

Since 1998, under the name Sohodojo - R&D Lab we have been applying social network theory - like what we see today in MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube - to create new business models and alternative markets. Sohodojo actively researches, designs, develops and tests Internet-based platforms that capture the power of social networks, community-based on-line eCommerce, and small business supply chain networks.

Sohodojo Business Services combines under one name our long standing support of small businesses and our pursuit of alternative business models and alternative markets where people - social networks - drive economic transactions with their focus on "Who," "How," and "Why" rather than "How much" and "Where."

Thanks for checking us out... And please visit us at our new home, www.Sohodojo.BIZ

Thank you,
--Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky--
Sohodojo Business Services (formerly JFS Consulting)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA